Thy Strong Word (“Ebenezer”)

The hymn, “Thy Strong Word,” was written in 1954 for Concordia Seminary by Martin H. Franzmann (1907-1976), a renowned Lutheran theologian, Concordia professor, author, poet, and hymn-writer.

The text is based on the motto of Concordia Seminary, “Anothen to Phos”, which means “light from above.” In six verses, the hymn explores the theme of light, with several verses including the refrain, “Alleluia, alleluia! / Praise to Thee who light dost send! / Alleluia, alleluia! / Alleluia without end!”

The hymn concludes with a Trinitarian doxology, “God the Father, Light-Creator / To Thee laud and honor be. / To Thee, Light of Light begotten, / Praise be sung eternally. / Holy Spirit, Light-Revealer, / Glory, glory be to Thee. / Mortals, angels, now and ever / Praise the holy Trinity!”

Although this arrangement includes six verses of the hymn tune “Ebenezer,” to which “Thy Strong Word” is commonly sung, the text of the hymn itself is not included in the score, being the copyrighted property of Concordia Publishing House. However, Lutheran choirs and congregations will find the full text in their hymnals. The hymn also appears in a four-verse version in The Hymnal 1982 of The Episcopal Church.

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