The Five-Minute Warm-Up for Band

The Five-Minute Warm-Up is a concise yet thorough daily routine to strengthen essential skills that contribute to successful band performances. Comprising 150 measures of exercises in tone, tuning, technique, and musicianship at a tempo of 120 bpm, The Five-Minute Warm-Up clocks in at precisely 5:00, providing band directors a consistent, efficient approach to starting rehearsals on the marching grid or field, or in the classroom.

The Five-Minute Warm-Up is scored for Piccolo/Flute, Oboe, Clarinet 1-2, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Sax 1-2, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Trumpet 1-2, Horn in F, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium B.C. and T.C., and Tuba. It includes nine progressively sequenced drills:

  1. Unison concert F whole note, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes; F chord tuning on root-fifth-third
  2. Unison “Remington” long tones descending from concert F to Bb; Bb chord tuning on root-fifth-third
  3. Unison “Remington” long tones descending from concert Bb to E; four-measure chord progression in whole notes
  4. Unison “Remington” long tones ascending from concert Bb to F; four-measure chord progression in half notes
  5. Brass: Simple quarter-note lip slur descending from concert Bb to E harmonic series; Woodwinds: quarter-note 1-2-3-5 scale tones on same series as brass
  6. Brass: Intermediate quarter- and eighth-note lip slur ascending from concert E to Bb harmonic series; Woodwinds quarter- and eighth-note 1-2-3-5-octave scale tones on same series as brass; All: four-measure chord progression in quarter- and half-notes
  7. Eighth-note articulation exercise based on concert Bb scale sequences, alternating staccato and legato articulations, with unison brass and unison woodwinds answering each other
  8. Unison woodwind technique exercise/articulation patterns over brass chord progression
  9. Concluding chorale: Seven-fold “Amen” from the choral anthem, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You,” by Peter Lutkin

Notable throughout The Five-Minute Warm-Up are dynamic markings, articulations, and other musical expressions that make this daily routine an exercise in musicianship as well as technique.

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