On December Five-and-Twenty

“On December five-and-twenty” are the opening words to the traditional Catalan carol, “Fum, Fum, Fum” — the first of three tunes with onomatopoetic titles in this medley for brass quintet.

The refrain “fum, fum, fum” in the carol is an onomatopoeia (a word that phonetically imitates or suggests the source of the sound that it describes) for the strumming of a guitar. “Pat-a-pan” — the title of the Burgundian carol which is the second tune in the medley — imitates the sound of a drum being struck. “Touro-louro-louro!” — the title of the Provencal carol which is the third tune in the medley — suggests the singing of birds. (A similar onomatopoeia, “turelurelu,” appears in “Pat-a-pan,” suggesting the sound of a fife, or flute, being played.)

This is a light, fun, engaging medley that your quintet will enjoy playing and audiences will enjoy hearing.

Score, parts (Bb tpt. 1, Bb tpt. 2, F horn, tbn, tuba) — $12.99

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