Blest Mary Walks Amid the Thorn

“Blest Mary Walks Amid the Thorn” is a German folk carol (“Maria durch ein Dornwald
ging”) appropriate for the season of Advent. This arrangement adapts five of the original
seven verses.

The first three verses describing Mary walking with her child nestled “beneath her heart”
refer to the journey of Mary to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, as recorded in the Gospel of
Luke, 1:39–56. The thorn-wood referenced in verse 1 is symbolic of barrenness and death,
and its flowering as the Holy Mother and Divine Child pass (verse 3) is prophetic of new
life in Christ. Verses 4 and 5, in catechetical question-and-answer format, address the
mystery of the Incarnation and the promise of salvation in Christ.

Each verse contains two refrains. The first, “Kyrie eleison!” is Greek for “Lord, have mercy!” The second, “Jesu et Maria,” is the Latin rendering of “Jesus and Mary.“

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